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image of me on drums After noticing my dedication to band in 4th grade, my parents surprised me with a Ludwig starter set on Christmas morning of 1971.
image of high school state champions 1976-1977 Norwood High School

Mustang Marching Band

State Champions 1976-1977
image of my drum set at 10 years old Starting in 1977 I slowly started building up my 4 piece set.
image of high school photo My 1979 yearbook picture.

As can be seen, I wasn't very athletically inclined.

Luckily my town had a very involved music program.
image of little kings band In 1980 I joined a band. I wanted to look like Roger Daltery from "The Who".

Little did I know that my hair needed to be longer first.

The three other members were Berklee graduates.
image of me in my navy uniform December of 1981. I was home on leave from NAS Jacksonville, FL. Earlier in the fall of 1981 I auditioned for the Navy Band in Orlando, FL.
I had orders to be transferred to the Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek, VA in January of 1982.
image of me in drumming caricature Me and a couple friends from the Armed Forces School of Music in the summer of 1982 attended a state fair where this drawing was done.
image of me on electric drums I believe this was 1986. I was a student at the Berklee College of Music.

This was a CASIO pad set. It's good that I had those extra cymbal stands from years before.
image of my deploma from berklee college of music 1990. My Bachelor of Music Degree from Berklee College of Music.
image of midi caricature At the 1994
Commonwealth Games
in Canada.
image of shifty sailors The Shifty Sailors in Olympia with Senator Mary Margaret Haugen.

We are trying to get "Washington, Washington" considered as our state song.

That's me in the bottom left wearing a harmonica belt and a Bodhran slung around my shoulder.


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