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I’m happy I found Roger for my drum teacher. The main thing for me is that he’s a good teacher who knows how to break things down and explain technique, and can be creative and interesting in teaching the basics. I played drums when I was younger, but wanted to start over to catch the (fairly large) gaps in my playing, so Roger started with rudiments and exercises from classic books on beginner drum technique. He focuses each lesson on what the individual desires to learn, at the same time making sure they progress.  He'll understand and adapt to your purpose/agenda as a student, and is willing to spend extra time on especially difficult concepts. He's patient, insightful, affordable, flexible and has a great sense of humor - I'd recommend Roger to anyone who is interested drums from a beginners level or for those drummers who want to further their drumming abilities.
Sarah - Coupeville
September 08, 2014

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