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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you teach drums?
Because I love to.

How much do you charge?
$30 for 60 minutes.
$20 for 30 minutes.

Why do you charge less than other drum instructors?
Passing on the passion of playing drums to my students is part of the payment.

How long have you played?
I've played drums since the fall of 1971 when I started my first year of band.

What makes your teaching style different from other instructors?
I've learned to incorporate my knowledge from Berklee College of Music by using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to assist in lessons and motivate students to practice.

Why is your site called Songwriter's Den?
I started Songwriter's Den at Berklee to assist other students with sequencing and transcribing their music theory assignments. When I lived in Los Angeles, Songwriter's Den was my business where I wrote songs, helped other songwriters with their songs, and jammed. I still like the name so I decided to use it for my web site. And, I may start teaching song writing and musical theory.
The last song I wrote was Chetzemoka, which was sung at the opening ceremony for the new Chetzemoka Ferry.

Where do you teach?
I go anywhere on Whidbey Island. Coupeville, Oak Harbor, Freeland, Langley, Clinton, and Greenbank.
In special cases, I will go to Fidalgo Island and Burlington and Mount Vernon areas.
I also teach at Mr. Music in Oak Harbor, WA.

I will post more questions when they are asked?


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